Previous projects


Tine Van lent - Migrated from a bespoke PHP website using a custom template system.


GETZ Project

Provided web consultancy and supported WordPress hosting for a research project’s digital outputs, including branding, info graphics and project website. Bespoke WordPress theme by Benedict Wallis and graphic design by Sam Gee. 2018 - ongoing

SCIPS - Strategies for Creating Inclusive Programmes of Study

A research project in the site preservation maintenance period. Originally an EU funded project with a project site and 6 web resources in Bulgaria, France, Greece, Poland, Romania, and UK. The UK resource is now maintained by the University of Worcester. Originally 7 multilingual built in Plone CMS sites, subsequently migrated to Drupal between 2010-2016. Post funding the UK site was migrated to WordPress, 2016-ongoing. Launched additional 7 ETTAD and 7 QATRAIN2 related research projects, 2008-2014. 2004 - ongoing


An AHRC Oxford University Funded Research Project impact website at the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH). 2013 - ongoing (preservation period)

MT Nest Designs

Second iteration of this e-commerce site. Also provided end of life archival and subsequent content retrieval services when this small business website was not required.

Grenada Lifestyle Centre

Not for profit website supporting a community group in Grenada. 2010 - ongoing (preservation period)

Plone CMS

Check the Map

Not for Profit Learning Disability/Difficulties web resource. Targeted at parents, teachers and anyone working in Special Educational Needs. 2000 - ongoing

Current projects



Research project 2019 - ongoing

  • Python/Django
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Docker/Docker Compose
  • Gitlab CI

Check the Map redevelopment

  • migrate from Plone to Django / Wagtail
  • open source
  • not for profit

Past Projects



Previously part of a team redeveloping an online survey tool.

  • Python/Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • Apache